Deborah Iaria
Graphic Designer at
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Project : Product design – National Fragrance Week 2019

Kraken is a Caribbean black spiced rum brand who asked to design a perfume bottle for the National Fragrance Week 2019
Perfume bottle designed for the 'Eau De Beast' campaign.
Black kraken's tentacles in high-gloss clear varnish printed on matt black.

The unique aroma blends the scents of rum, ginger, seawater and flotsam and is designed to perfectly complement the enjoyment of a Kraken cocktail. One spray of 'Eau De Beast.

Project : Experience design - Product Design

The Kraken client also asked to design details of a room escape experience for 'Kraken Screamfest: Director's Cut'.

Drink Can designed for the 'Kraken Screamfest: Director's Cut'.
Texture created for the can label in the style of an emergency operation ration during war.
A second drink ideated to create immunity for the visitors.

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